Live music at the Melbourne St. Patricks's Day Festival, St. Kilda

2025 Dates Coming Soon!

O'Donnell Gardens, St. Kilda

St. Patrick's Festival, St. Kilda committee organises this event for the community to be part of a global celebration of Irish culture. This festival gives the audience a little taste of Ireland, right in the heart of St. Kilda in Melbourne.

Melbourne St. Patrick's Day Festival 2024

Welcome to the 5th annual St Patrick's Festival St Kilda! This year, we're thrilled to announce we will continue to expand to a two-day format, promising even more entertainment and fun for everyone.

Day one kicks off with a special focus on families, offering a free event in collaboration with Not for Profit organisations.

Day two is where the magic continues with a ticketed live music festival featuring a stellar lineup of both local and regional Victorian and international artists across diverse genres.

At its heart, the St Kilda St Patrick's Festival is a vibrant celebration of live music and the rich tapestry of the Victorian music community. From Irish folk to Country genre, our festival showcases original works and nurtures emerging talents alongside established acts.

Throughout our five-year journey, we've remained dedicated to supporting local musicians and fostering community engagement. With meticulously curated programming and robust promotional campaigns, we aim to highlight the vibrancy and diversity of Victoria's music scene, cementing our city's status as a premier destination for live music experiences.

Join us as we embark on this musical journey, celebrating the best of Victorian talent and creating unforgettable memories together!

Latest News

  • Thank You and That's a Wrap

    Thank you for your support in 2023

    Deep appreciation to all of you, our devoted and enthusiastic attendees, for your instrumental role in making this extraordinary occasion come to fruition.

    The festival's ticketed event reached full capacity, drawing a crowd of over 10,000 participants who were present throughout the entire event, including the vibrant parade. Our heartfelt thanks extent to the talented musicians, dedicated volunteers, diligent staff, dependable contractors and the entire Port Phillip community. It is through your collective efforts that this splended celebration was brought to life within our cherished village. Already, our gears are in motion for the upcoming Festival scheduled for the extended weekend of March 16th and 17th, 2024.

    Your input matters immensely to us. Feel free to get in touch if there are particular bands you'd like to see, suggestions for improvements or entertainment concepts you're eager to encounter. We're eager to listen and learn. We did it. See you in 2024!

  • 📢 Announcing Our First International Act for 2024

    We're excited to be joined by The Tumbling Paddies!

    The Tumbling Paddies, one of Ireland's most sought after entertainment acts, will be performing at our ticketed event on Sunday 17th March 2024.

    From humble beginnings The Tumbling Paddies Band have steadily grown to become one of Ireland's most sought after entertainers. Music has been a lifelong passion for The Tumbling Paddies, with each band member having won a medal for being All-Ireland Fleadh Champions in their own right.

  • Save the Date!

    We're back in 2024 - and bigger than ever!

    The St. Patrick's Festival, St. Kilda, returns in 2024, running across the entire weekend of 16th and 17th March! Join us on Saturday 16th March for our family event and enjoy great live music at our ticketed event on Sunday 17th March.

  • Sponsors' Network Event

    Bringing all of our sponsors together

    Festival sponsors are invited to join us for a Sponsors' Network Event on Thursday 28th September 2023, 6.00pm at the St. Kilda RSL. The event is invitation only, please contact us for more information.

2025 Tickets Coming Soon!

Watch this space - tickets for 2025 will be on sale soon!